While we’re looking forward to all of New York Design Week this year, there is one event in particular has piqued our interest. We’ve got our eye on TOUCH | NY, a three day design exhibit that will showcase sustainable works made from recycled materials by up and coming Brazilian designers. The TOUCH | NY exhibit begins this Sunday, May 18, in Chelsea, with an opening reception at 7:00 PM. If you are in town, be sure to join us at what is sure to be one of the most interesting highlights from New York Design Week 2008!

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Touch is the brainchild of Zoë Melo and Studio Mousetrap. The collaborative was founded with the intent to create gorgeous, handmade products designed with the environment in mind. Touch has assembled several amazing designers and products, and the TOUCH | NY will be a wonderful opportunity for sustainable design enthusiasts to discover Touch’s inspired ideas.

One great example of Touch’s stylishly sustainable products is their terrific collection of Banner Bags. When the city of São Paulo, Brazil, banned all their billboards, there was a significant amount of waste material generated. The banners were headed for the landfill, but Touch partnered with StraaT to repurpose the materials. A group of artisans, led by Dona Jaci, brought a fun new functionality to the discarded billboards in the form of these wonderful tote bags.

We will be presenting many of Touch’s great designs here on Inhabitat as part of our NY Design Week coverage so check back here for more throughout the week. If you are in NYC this weekend, be sure to check out TOUCH | NY. Visit their website for more information on this great exhibit.

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