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If Deke’s house seems familiar to you, it may be because it looks an awful lot like the real-life dumpster digs of artist Gregory Kloehn. Just like Kloehn’s, Deke’s place has a hand-crank mechanism that reveals a set of windows to bring daylight into the abode as well as other amenities like a kitchen and a toilet.

deke's dumpster house, 2 broke girls, 2 broke girls dumpster house, deke 2 broke girls, deke's house, deke dumpster, tiny homes, tiny house, dumpster house, tiny living, small living, eric andre“This is my toilet, where I also keep my mac n’ cheese. It’s not a good system,” quips Andre.

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In addition to working plumbing and electricity, the one-room pad boasts a comfy sleeping and sitting area and even has a liquor “cabinet.” The space is tight but on some episodes, Deke is able to fit four or five people inside at a time. The trash trailer also has the added benefits of being rent-free and easy to relocate to other neighborhoods. The downside? Well, aside from the obvious “I’m living in a dumpster” dilemma, your home could end up getting towed if you park in the wrong spot.

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