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Fifty Three turned to Laura Gonzalez Fierro of +ADD to ask for a space with what Fierro described as, “honest materials and exposed confidence.” The design team’s combination of reclaimed wood, rich walnut cabinetry, black steel, glass, stained concrete floors, and cleanly painted white walls and ceilings really gives the space a modern elegance that is also comfortable. This space destroys the stereotypical images of cubicles and T-bar ceiling offices stacked 50-high to the sky which have given office culture a bad name for many years. Fifty Three’s headquarters feels open, airy, and collaborative at the first turn. Even the energy-efficient fluorescent task lighting disappears high above the desks, as the human eye finds everything else to be engaging and beautiful.

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The sustainable undertones of the office are a product of Fifty Three CEO Georg Petschnigg’s desire to “put you in a psychological state of flow.” As a start-up, Fifty Three began in Petschnigg’s apartment, and he felt that the staff never really got over the psychological barrier of it being his home. So this design has created a new home for Fifty Three in which they can create a space that is their own. The new space at 60 Hudson Street is flooded with natural daylight, and the open, white ceilings help to reflect light deep into the space. The design team also introduced a solitary tree to the middle of the space in order to bring nature into the office environment as a way of improving the staff’s mental and emotional health. Ultimately, Fifty Three and +ADD’s design team created a much more vibrant space, which has a tremendous impact on the economic sustainability of the company.

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