The Tree Hugger’s Paper Towel

Eye-Catching, Inspiring and Thought Provoking.

This paper towel will use design to stop the user throwing “art” in the bin. The image captures the idea of nature and its beauty, showing a connection between people and the environment. The design takes inspiration from the idea of a tree hugger; it reminds the user what the paper towel was made from, and the possible uses in the future if recycled. I have used arrows to frame the girl in the design creating a loop which reflects the continuous nature of recycling to create something new out of waste.

The slogan “Paper towel – A never ending story.” Captures the user’s imagination of the future possibilities for their paper towel if they chose to recycle instead of create waste. “Recycle.” Is plainly stated, no longer a simple request, but a necessity in the current environmental climate.

My paper towel design hopes to show the user a paper towel is more than what it seems. It can have a functional use. It can be art. It could be merely waste or they could recycle it and it could become…….something else entirely!