When the all-new 2013 Toyota Avalon arrives later this year, it will hit the streets with the line’s first ever hybrid powertrain. Toyota has announced that the 2013 Avalon will be offered with either a standard V6 engine or the first full-hybrid system in the premium mid-size segment. The Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system will give the Avalon Hybrid an EPA rating of 40 mpg combined.

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The 2013 Avalon Hybrid is powered by a full power-split hybrid system. The Avalon Hybrid features a 2.5L Atkinson-cycle, four-cylinder engine, a 244.8-volt nickel-metal hydride battery pack, and a pair of electric motors within the transaxle. The Avalon Hybrid achieves a total system output of 200 horsepower and offers three different driving modes: EV, ECO and SPORT. The Avalon Hybrid is rated at 40 mpg in the city and a 39 mpg on the highway with a combined 40 mpg EPA-rating.

The Avalon Hybrid features three different driving modes. EV mode gives the Avalon Hybrid the ability to travel up to one mile in full electric mode at speeds up to 25 mph. Toyota claims that this mode is perfect for residential areas and parking garages. The ECO mode uses both the electric and four-cylinder motors, but reduces its throttle response and air conditioning output to help improve overall efficiency. The SPORT mode alters the engine’s throttle response and improves the hybrid’s steering response for the best performance.

Overall the Avalon Hybrid has a nice advantage over the standard Avalon, which only gets 21 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. The introduction of the Avalon Hybrid also now means that Toyota has seven hybrid models to choose from, not including the Lexus hybrids.

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