Toyota just unveiled the new ME.WE electric concept, which is a pick-up, convertible, off-roader and small city car in one. Toyota says that the ME.WE is simpler, more appropriate and more realistic than many of today’s cars that are about “passion and status.”

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The ME.WE concept features a simple design that a tubular aluminium structure and light interchangeable and recyclable polypropylene panels. At just over 1,600 pounds the ME.WE concept weighs about 20 percent less than a conventional steel-built supermini. Inside the concept features a floor that is made of bamboo which was, chosen both for being a renewable resource and aesthetically pleasing. Toyota says that the ME.WE is easy to keep clean with a simple wash, inside and out.

The simple design theme continues under the hood, where the ME.WE concept is powered by the same in-wheel electric motors as the Toyota i-ROAD, with batteries located under the floor, as in the iQ EV. The in-wheel motor system means it can be operated in two or four-wheel drive, allowing it to tackle rougher terrain than a traditional car, and without the weight penalty of a 4×4 transmission system. With none of the traditional packaging restraints associated with conventional powertrains, the entire interior could be devoted to the vehicle’s occupants and luggage.

The ME:WE concept will make its world debut at Le Rendez-vous Toyota, Toyota’s brand experience center on the Champs Elysées in Paris.

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