According to The Nikkei, Toyota plans to make plug-in capabilities standard on all of its fourth-gen Prius hybrid models debuting in 2014. This is even bigger news than it sounds, since Toyota recently renamed a whole host of its new hybrid vehicle range under the Prius label. The Nikkei reports, “Around 2015, Toyota aims to lift global hybrid sales to around 1 million units a year, bringing the total number traveling the world’s roadways to 5 million. Since some 70% are expected to be Prius models, the automaker hopes to use the plug-in versions to tap replacement demand.”

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Optimistic? Maybe, but the third-generation Prius is miles ahead of its competition for the moment, and Toyota’s current hybrid vehicles are already topping 3 million in sales per year. Toyota allegedly plans to use lithium ion batteries and high-performance motors to power the cars, and hopes to keep pricing in line with current models.

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