Toyota has announced plans to begin verification testing of its new wireless battery charging system for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. Doing away with today’s charging cables, the system can charge an electric vehicle parked over a coil on the surface of the ground, making the process simpler and more convenient.

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Testing of the charging system is expected to begin late this month in Aichi Prefecture, Japan and uses magnetic-resonance technology. This transmits electricity by utilizing the magnetic resonance resulting from changes in magnetic field intensity between a coil on the ground that transmits and a coil on the vehicle that receives.

In theory, the system functions similarly to how a Sonicare electric toothbrush is charged. Toyota has also announced that it has developed a new parking assist function that shows the position of the transmitting coil in the parking space. Once the vehicle is positioned over the transmitting coil, it only takes 90 minutes to recharge the vehicle’s battery.

Toyota hasn’t given a time frame of when the technology will be available on models like the Toyota Prius.

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