Toyota recently unveiled the FT-CH, a hybrid concept car that stands to one-up the Prius in terms of price and performance. A full two feet shorter than its predecessor, the compact hybrid is lighter, nimbler, and more fuel-efficient, making it great for city driving. Although it isn’t officially going into production just yet, Toyota is hinting at a production version that will be priced lower then the current Prius and part of a new ‘Prius Family’ of cars.

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The Toyota FT-CH is almost two feet shorter then the current Prius and was designed by Toyota’s European design team. The designers claim the design is based off a “8-bit mentality” and it showed in their unveiling of the new concept, complete with arcade game sounds and video elements. No official specs have been released on the vehicle’s power train as of yet, but mileage is expected to be around 60mpg.

Toyota is planning on building an entire family of vehicles around the Prius name which is good news for greener cars. As Toyota sees potential profits in the environmentally friendly car market they will expand their hybrid and fully-electric lines, so keep an eye out for more Toyota eco-vehicles in the future.

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