Have you ever seen a perfectly good sheet of glass or a plank of wood lying on the sidewalk and thought “That would make a great table for my house” but decided to abandon your idea for lack of table legs? Well it’s Cohda Design to the rescue. Their clever Re-vive clamps can transform any flat surface — be it a piece of wood, a surfboard, a skateboard… the possibilities are endless — into a custom table. Now there’s no excuse not to reclaim and recycle that glass or wood you see on the street and turn it into something awesome and new!

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Re-vive legs can be attached and removed within seconds by almost anyone with no tools. That means that you could change your tables everyday – one day, you might feel like a wooden tabletop and the next, a plexi one. The clamps are also perfect for event spaces and places where temporary furniture is needed.

If you consider the money and fuel necessary to ship heavy tabletops around the globe, Re-vive legs make even more sense. The idea is simple and it allows anyone to create pretty much any type of table they can dream up.

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