Spotted at New York Design Week, we are in love with the Urbio, a system of mix and match modular planters and organizers that snap into place with high-strength magnets. The series of various sized containers allow for the creation of a personalized wall garden, an elegant centerpiece, or a space-saving solution for organizing your home office.

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Urbio came from a collaboration between designers Beau Oyler and Jared Aller, who debuted their idea through Kickstarter and received an overwhelming response to fund their project. The system consists of a standardized wall plate, and a variety of plastic vessels perfect for planting herbs, succulents, or other small indoor plants. The vessels are embedded with rare-earth neodymium magnets, so they can held to any ferrous surface, or can also be joined to each other. What is nice about the system’s modularity is that you can start small with a few plates and vessels, and add on to the system later.

It can’t help but be noted that the Urbio system pays homage to the Uten.Silo wall organizer from Vitra.  First released in 1969, this classic mid-century modern product designed by Dorthee Becker is still in production today. Urbio takes the winning element from this piece and adds a green spin by optimizing the system for modularity, flexibility, and indoor gardening.

Urbio is very easy to install, and even includes a wall template for pre-planning the layout of your plates. There is also a quick instructional youtube video that runs through the mounting process. Take note that if you don’t have a wall available for installing the Urbio plates, you can use the vessels alone on any unused space with a ferrous material – your refrigerator door, bathroom mirror, or even a metal stair railing.

Urbio is available for purchase through the virtual store on their website.


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