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The project, managed by Beijing Jikerzhicheng Product Design Consulting Co., Ltd, is part of the “Dragging the Box to Travel” program organized by the Lvshe Design company. Instead of doors the container features two deployable platforms that establish a direct contact with the ground. Removable partitions allow for a more flexible organization of the interior and can transform the structure into a tea house, pavilion or even a movie theater. The platforms, acting like terraces, extend the interior beyond the container walls and form an immediate connection to the natural environment.

Circular windows on all four walls and the ceiling enable natural ventilation and allow the sunlight to reach all corners of the interior space. Rainwater is collected via a pipe-based system that connects the ceiling to the floor. A carbonized wood floor isolates the structure from below, and thermally and, along with hidro- isolated walls, provide pleasant temperature levels and a cozy atmosphere. Travelling in a flexible housing unit that can be placed anywhere allows travelers to cross larger distances without having to be cooked up indoors.

+ Lvshe Design