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The Motus house includes several high-tech features meant to provide an environment that changes over time depending on the needs of the local weather. By not using thick, static walls, ceilings and floors, the home can adapt, in order to make it as efficient as possible. The movable parts of the buildings arelightweightdespite their large size and can also be opened by hand. In addition to the sustainability-enhancing structural elements that wrap around the living space, the interior of the building includes a “microclimate pool” located underneath, which evaporates in the summer and cools the house.

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Solar panelsmounted on the roof power the house and can also provide power to the screens as they open and close. Because of the horizontal movement, there is no need to lift anything. The design “provides this flexiblecontrol over heat gain from sunlight,” said architect Todd Fix. “So if it’s a cold day, the sensor will sense that, and it will close both to keep the heat inside. If you want more light in the space, you can open up the screen or open up the shell.”

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