Wouldn’t it be great to be able change the shape and position of the walls of your house to go along with your mood, or more practically, the weather? Michael Jantzen’s transformable M-Velope® is just such a structure, offering an inspired approach to designing smaller and more usable spaces. The 230 sq foot flexible space can be rearranged into various positions by moving the slated wood panels on its steel frame. All homes really should have this capacity – to move, change and morph depending on our needs.

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The M-Velope is yet another of Michael Jantzen’s works that explores how we live. Many of the artist and designer’s projects also incorporate sustainable elements like renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable materials. The M-Velope is made from Accoya, a new non-toxic treated wood, that is said to be stronger and more durable than regular lumber. Accoya is FSC-certified wood that is pressure treated with a solution called acetic anahydride, which comes from acetic acid (basically concentrated vinegar).

The structure can be transformed easily, changing its available light and space. Interior benches provide workspace as well as sleeping platforms, and they can be folded away to open up the whole structure for more room. Ideally, transformable structures such as this would allow us to build smaller homes, thus reducing our environmental footprint. It’s an interesting concept, and naturally we like the innovation, but $100,000 does seem a bit excessive. Neiman Marcus has included this extravagant little structure in their 2008 Christmas Book, and there are only 10 of these hand-built M-Velopes in existence, so get yours fast and in time for the holidays!

+ Michael Jantzen

+ Nieman Marcus

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