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Integrates surroundings, honeycomb structure, sustainable plywood timber, complex structure, movement reactive, lights up at night, luminous at dusk, honeycomb pavilion, treehugger building, one fine day, univeristy of applied sciences, holger hoffman

Situated on a former parking lot beside the Basillica St. Castor in Koblenz, the building is designed to subtly integrate with the surrounding environment. The printed glass facade reflects the trees surrounding the building, helping to blur the boundary between the structure and its position in an urban site. The structure can be dismantled and reassembled once the show is over in October, allowing it to be exhibited in other locations

Hoffman collaborated with One Fine Day and theUniversity of Applied Sciences in Trier to maximize the spatial capacity of the building, allowing it to be used for multiple activities. Tree-like columns constructed from sustainably-sourced timber separate the floor plan, providing space for educational lectures.

At night the intricate structure bursts into light, reacting to physical movements by changing luminosity and color.

+ One Fine Day

Via Designblooom

Photos by Roland Borgmann, Münster