We’re not your typical car geeks here at Inhabitat, but if there is one vehicle that we go gaga for above all others it is the Tesla Roadster. The gorgeous all-electric sports vehicle drives as smoothly as any other sports car out there, only it is way better looking, and completely emissions free! This month, Tesla Motors announced that the highly anticipated 2008 electric Tesla Roadster is finally in production for sale this year!

There are plenty of good things to say about the Tesla Roadster. In fact, the only problem that Tesla seemed to have up until now is that the car was only in the prototype stage. So it is with much excitement that we announce that the Roadster vision is finally becoming a road ready reality. It has taken almost two years since the first announcement and during that time 900 Tesla Roadster have been reserved. Already all 2008 Roadsters are sold out. However, don’t fret – Tesla Motors is taking reservations for the 2009 model now. If you have the cash to burn, you can get one lined up for next year. Of course if a base price of $98,000 is out of range, Tesla’s cheaper Whitestar is due out towards the end of 2009.

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