Our loyal love for the Tesla is being tested by this super sexy and sustainable new sportscar. Hybrid Technologies‘ sleek designed entry to the Automotive X-prize promises to do the one thing that no other car can do: produce a ride that can give you the power of a supercar, with an unmatched efficiency of 220 miles per gallon. Wow, we are definitely being wooed.

The vehicle is coming in two different models, an all electric version, which will have a 150-180 miles range; and a hybrid version which is the one that is being designed to achieve the 220 miles per gallon. As for the performance, they are looking at supercar speeds (think Corvette speeds). Aside from that, not much else is known other than it’ll come with some of the mainstays of hybrid technology, such as regenerative braking.

The company told Popular mechanics that it hopes to have a prototype ready by 2009, with the hopes of having full production by 2010. They are one of a number of manufacturers gunning for the Automotive X-prize, and are certainly looking like a worthwhile contender.

+ Hybrid Technologies Building 220+ MPG Supercar
+ Hybrid Technologies