Remember Vélib, the Parisian bicycle rental service? Well, get ready for Autolib! Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë announced plans to provide 4,000 electric car-share vehicles for in-town transit by next year. As part of the city’s Autolib program, the EVs will be located at several spots around Paris and available for drivers looking to make short trips around town.

Vélib has been a resounding success, and Autolib is the next step in the plan to green Paris. The program will consist of 700 pickup points set all across the city. The program is geared towards people who don’t find themselves in need of a vehicle regularly, but can use it every once in a while. It will be similar to the car-sharing programs that one can find around a number of cities, but will be the first time that a city manages a car share system.

Is encouraging the use of vehicles a good thing? Overall the emissions from this system will be quite small, as they will all be electric vehicles. Still, here’s hoping that Parisians will not be discouraged from still using public transportation. Expect to see this program up and running in 2009.

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