BMW, the German car manufacturer, wants you to know that they believe hydrogen is the fuel source of the future. In order to do this, they have created the BMW Hydrogen 7, an all hydrogen powered luxury sedan that produces zero emissions. It’s serious business, or so says BMW, which is why they have enlisted the help of comedian and well known car enthusiast Jay Leno.

The Hydrogen 7 is not a concept vehicle, but an actual production model vehicle that has completed the entire product development line. It runs on a 12 cylinder, 260 horsepower engine capable of giving you a very respectable top speed of 140 miles per hour. On a full tank, you’ll be able to drive 125 miles before refueling. Naturally, as hydrogen fueling stations are a bit scarce at the moment, the Hydrogen 7 comes equipped with a separate gasoline tank just to make sure that you aren’t left stranded on the road looking for some fuel. Unlike most other hydrogen powered vehicles, BMW is choosing to take the less travelled path of using liquid hydrogen rather than hydrogen based fuel cells.

Jay Leno is joined by other car enthusiasts, celebrities and opinion makers in being the first ones to drive a Hydrogen 7. BMW hopes that, by putting these vehicles in the hands of those who shape popular culture and opinion, enough support will be created to deliver the infrastructure required for a hydrogen fuel economy.

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