Chocolate is a guilty pleasure for some, but could soon prove highly nutritious — for your car! Thanks to a process created by British company Ecotec, it is now possible to take waste chocolate from confectionery companies and turn it into biodiesel. And to prove that it works, two British adventurers just completed a trek on a chocolate powered truck that went all the way from Europe to Timbuktu!

Andy Pag and John Grimshaw were the drivers of the chocolate powered Ford Iveco Cargo lorry. They traveled a distance of 4,500 miles for almost an entire month in a trip that took them through France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania and all the way to Timbuktu and doing so while facing the unforgiving Saharan Desert. The trip was not just for fame and glory, as they took with them a small processing unit with them that converts waste oil products into fuel, which they will donate to an African charity. For those of you wondering whether you can eat or even smell the chocolate, the answer unfortunately is no. As to how much equivalent chocolate was used to make it all the way to Africa? about 80,000 chocolate bars.

“If we use biodiesel to get to Timbuktu with a standard engine, there’s no reason why people in the UK can’t use it for their commute or school run.” Said Andy Pag.

+ The Biotruck drive to Timbuktu