While green seemed to be the color of the Los Angeles Auto Show, only a few new vehicles could truly live up to the label. One of those few vehicles was the FCX Clarity, a fuel-cell vehicle by Honda, which is set to go into limited production for those lucky enough – and probably rich enough – to lease one. The zero-emission hydrogen powered vehicle will be the first broad distribution of the Honda developed fuel-cell platforms.

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The fuel-cell powered vehicle can achieve about 68 miles per gallon, and a full tank will take you 270 miles. As with most green vehicles, the Clarity is not simply concerned about its emissions, but about the materials it uses as well. The fabric is made from Honda’s Bio-Fabric, a plant-based material.

While hydrogen is still manufactured from natural gas, the total emissions in producing this material is still about half of what the same emissions from gasoline would be. To offset these emissions, Honda is developing their very own solar-powered, home-based hydrogen refueling station. American Honda plans to lease the FCX Clarity to a small number of consumers in California next year, at around $600 per month.

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