If you have a bike, and have always wanted to ride it to work, get ready to give it a go. The League of American Cyclists is gearing up for Bike-to-Work week, which is running from May 12 to the 16th – just one of many events celebrating May as Bike Month. If cities were designed to have more people using a bike, then perhaps, we wouldn’t have as many problems with congestion and air quality as we have right now. And this initiative is a great way to prove it!

It’s all part of Bike Month, a series of events organized by the League of American Bicyclists, whose mission, as you can imagine, is to advocate for a bike-friendly America. There are a number of events, reading, and promotional materials at their website, all helpful if you are interested in getting a bike, finding fellow bicyclists, and getting out and about in your city. So, bike enthusiasts and healthy planet advocates, it’s time to tune up for Bike-to-Work week, celebrate Bike Month and keep the two-wheeled transportation rolling!

+ May is Bike Month
+ Bike Month Events by State