We don’t usually make a habit of asking you to stop reading Inhabitat and send you off to watch television, but this program is definitely worth it. If you live in the US and you weren’t paying attention, you might have missed NOVA’s Car of the Future special. This program features NPR’s ‘Car Talk’ guys off in search of “a new breed of clean, fuel-efficient vehicles.” Car of the Future is filled with thought-provoking information, innovative transportation ideas and plenty of future-forward thinking, so we want to let you know that you can now watch it online!

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Sadly, due to rights management, you won’t be able to watch the special if you are outside the US. You may however be able to catch quite a bit of it on Youtube, if you hurry before it’s gone! And, as with all NOVA documentaries, the program’s website offers an incredible amount of information for you to peruse.

For those of you who are videographers, the producers have released over 200 clips of video for you to assemble and reassemble as you see fit, and they are encouraging people to share their video creations on the web. These open content videos are available to everyone, in the United States and throughout the world so be sure to check them out and share your perspective in the Car of the Future forum.

+ Car of the Future @ PBS

While we obviously can’t publish the whole documentary, we do have a small sample of the program to share with you in the video below. Enjoy!