Peugeot just announced that their long running concept vehicle, the 307 Hybrid HDi, has been upgraded and will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. The newly updated 308 Hybrid HDi is a diesel hybrid concept which would cut fuel consumption by a massive 58% compared to that of the standard version of this vehicle.

Unlike most concept vehicles, this prototype aims to provide a competitively priced and widely available hybrid vehicle. To do so, it was designed to use as many of the same components as a standard vehicle while the engine meets the rather strict Euro 5 Emissions requirements. The combined fuel consumption of this little Peugeot is a wonderful 60mpg. Another cool feature of this prototype is that the driver can access a Zero Emission Vehicle mode, which will allow them to drive using only the electric motors while in the city.

While concept vehicles have are usually more about shock value than marketability, the Peugeot hybrid is truly eye-popping and surprisingly different from the old boxy hybrid-eco-green vehicles of old. Additionally, the recent onslaught of environmentally friendly vehicles is great encouragement that the automobile industry has realized the potential and market for these types of vehicles.

+ Peugeot 308 Hybrid HDi