Already a forerunner in ultra-efficient vehicles, Smart will soon be joining the all-electric charge with its up-and-coming Smart ED. We’re huge fans of the Smart Car for its creative clout and are thrilled by its recent stateside availability, so we can’t wait for an electric version of the diminutive vehicle that proves that smaller is better. Smart’s 100% electric plug-in is more than just a passing prototype, with trials currently taking place in preparation for a 2010 release!

The cars are currently being tested in London, and will feature a Zytek electric motor running at 41 horsepower that makes charging as simple as the flip of a fuel cap. The vehicle will will have a range of about 72 miles between charges, which should prove sufficient for most people’s daily commutes, and mileage is expected to improve as the vehicle manufacturer moves to more efficient batteries. Best of all, the Smart ed won’t sacrifice any of the features or performance of the already released Fortwo.

No word yet on the cost or availability, but one would hope that Smart’s new all-electric vehicles are competitively priced. Expect to see them on the streets in 2010.

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