The manufacturer of the most popular hybrid car on the market is planning take its green vision even further. Toyota, the makers of the Prius, have decided that the best way to make their top selling hybrid car even greener is to add a set of solar panels to the roof of the vehicle. The addition of solar power to the already super efficient Prius marks the first time that a major auto maker will use this renewable energy in a top selling car. Could this be the official start of a hot commercial trend?

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According to a report in the Nikkei Business Daily, Toyota is seriously mulling installing solar panels, to be produced by Kyocera, that will power the air-conditioning unit of the vehicle. This is part of the refreshed model which is expected to be available next spring. It is probably more of a symbolic gesture than anything else, but still, it is a nice detail that will save some fuel.

With oil prices so high, everyone is focusing on making their vehicles as fuel efficient as possible. And, as far as the big car manufacturers are concerned, no one does this better than Toyota. Hopefully, where Toyota leads, others will follow.

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Image via: Car and Driver