Although we love our public transportation here at Inhabitat, we cannot deny the allure of a zero-emission vehicle. We’re always excited to see more sustainable transportation options for consumers, especially when they go from concept to completely available. The TRIAC, designed by Green Vehicles, is a three wheeled highway capable plug-in electric vehicle that is ready to achieve up to 80mph on the open road. This fun, fast, eco-friendly ride is set to go on sale this summer!

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The TRIAC is essentially a large, covered trike. The 20kw electric motor can achieve a very reasonable 80mph, and will take you on travels up to 100 miles on any given charge. It takes about 6 hours for its lithium-ion battery to recharge fully and, as with most electric vehicles, it comes with a regenerative braking system. The package for all of this three-wheeled fun runs about $20,000 dollars.

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