What do you get when you cross a bicycle with an electric scooter? Probably something like Ultra Motor’s “Light Electric Vehicle,” the A2B. Silent and stylish, the A2B is designed for urban and suburban commuters (check out that comfy, oversized seat). It’s like your bicycle, except with a lithium ion battery-powered motor that you can plug in and charge at any ordinary electric socket. And if you run out of power on the road, no worries — just start pedaling.

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The bike can go for 20 miles at up to 20 mph, and you can double that range by buying an extra battery pack. It has a lightweight aluminum body (73 lbs.) with full suspension — check out the rest of the specs here. The bike is outfitted with two bags and two baskets for your stuff. This hybrid offers a relaxing, emissions-free ride — and as the web site says, it “allows riders to get as much or as little exercise as they choose.”

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