Do you enjoy cars, but feel it’s a bit tedious to actually hold the wheel, step on the gas and shift the gears? No sweat – industrial design studio, Mike and Maaike, has just thing thing – the ATNMBL, a car that drives itself! Did we mention that it comes with a bar?

The ATNMBL has been designed to be usable and efficient. Most of the space is used to sit comfortably within it (it actually looks and feels like someone stole a living room from a capsule hotel and popped some wheels on it). The vehicle has four electric wheel drives, one on each wheel, with the batteries sitting underneath the seating. To provide additional power, the vehicle comes equipped with solar panels on the roof.

By far the most interesting feature of this concept design has been the thinking process behind it. Rather than thinking of how to make the car better looking, more powerful, or even greener, the duo looked at why we drive. We do it to get from point A to point B, and everything else is essentially a waste of time. So why not use that time for something useful? Drinking. Just kidding.

+ Mike and Maaike

Via Core77