Lotus is doing its best to convince us that they are the greenest car manufacturer, and their latest release, the Eco Elise, makes a great argument that this is the case. Not only is this an incredibly fuel efficient machine, it has been created to be manufactured with the greenest materials that Lotus could find. Embodied energy, material lifecycle, emissions and environmental impact of manufacturing and operating, and overall fuel efficiency are all factors that have been accounted for in the design and production of this soon to premiere vehicle.

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Lifecycle was the key word for Lotus. It wasn’t content with just looking at the CO2 emissions of the vehicle’s operation. It looked at the emissions that the vehicle generated and at the emissions that the manufacturing of the vehicle generated. It made sure to select green materials, and even went as far as ensuring that the transportation of the hemp fibers involved as few carbon miles as possible.

The traditional carbon fiber is gone, to be replaced with a hemp composite material that is used throughout the body panels and spoilers. The paint in the vehicle is all water based, and looking sharp as well. The roof has been fitted with solar panels for on the road generation. The seats are covered with dye-free EU Flower certified biodegradable woolen fabrics, and the carpets are made from sisal. All of these improvements resulted in the creation of a lightweight vehicle that improved the performance and fuel efficiency.

Overall, an impressive package. The vehicle will be presented in the British International Motor Show this week.

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