The Geneva Motor Show is right around the corner, and just as you may expect, the announcements are about to start pouring on about the latest news in green vehicles. Here’s the first one we spotted: the Morgan Life Car, a stunning hydrogen powered vehicle that, according to the designers, it’s fun to ride and is as environmentally friendly. And boy, does it look sharp.

If you thought that 2007 was the year of the green car, you haven’t seen anything yet, and the Life Car is proof. The vehicle will be powered by an energy storage system composed of advanced fuel cells that will take you for 250 miles on a single tank of hydrogen. It is set to have a top speed of 100mph and will do 0 to 60mph in around 7 seconds.

The Life Car projectwas funded by the UK government, and brought to life by Cranfield University, QinetiQ, Oscar Automotive, Oxford University, Linde AG and obviously Morgan Motor Company, as the car was inspired by their Aero-8 Roadster. The original goal was to create a vehicle that could deliver 150 miles per gallon, the rest of the vehicle’s design flowed from there.

Instead of simply locating a large fuel cell to drive the engine, the team installed smaller, more compact fuel cells that can provide enough power for cruising. For accelerating purposes, the vehicle draws upon a row of ultracapacitors which are recharged by the braking system, at the very efficient rate of 50%

Here’s where it gets interesting…. As the plan was to have an extremely efficient vehicle, the team decided to scrap the stereo, central locking and even airbags, all in an effort to get the vehicle down to around 700kg. Furthermore, as it doesn’t have a combustion engine, the car is extremely quiet. An aluminum chassis and wooden interiors complete the package.

It truly seems that this is the year of the green vehicle, and the Life Car is the latest entry in this field. It will be shown this week at the Geneva Motor Show

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