The Frankfurt Motor Show is just around the corner, and with it a slew of new prototypes and vehicles for the green market. Like the cars shown on our Top 5 Greenest sports cars list, “green cars” are no longer the ugly boxy vehicles of the past, but rather sleek, stylish, beautifully designed cars that will finally make it desirable to buy green. Case in point: The Nissan Mixim.

Still at prototype stage, the Mixim is expected to be the evolution of the Nissans supermini, the Micra. It will be small and short, as in 3.7 metres short, though according to Nissan, it’ll give you the power that you want. As usual for concept vehicles, the Mixim has a wonderfully bizarre interior, with the driver sitting in the center of the vehicle and game-inspired controls to boot.

Powered by Nissan’s brand new electric ‘Super Motor’ the completely electric vehicle uses a brand new type of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which were developed in conjunction with NEC, as part of their initiative to catch up with Toyota and Honda in their development of greener vehicles. Here’s hoping that the lessons learned in the design of the Mixim get applied to an actual in production vehicle soon.

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