The Toyota RiN has been unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show as the ultimate healthy living automobile. Instead of stressing the high-performance aspects of the vehicle, Toyota wants RiN drivers to see driving as a relaxing and meditative experience. Plus, it’s compact and green! Literally and figuratively…

The RiN will do everything that it can to make you feel relaxed and happy. Ergonomic seats maintain your posture and heated seats will keep you comfy. Inside, the car comes equipped with an oxygen-level conditioner and a humidifier, green tinted glazing to reduce infiltration of ultraviolet and infrared light, and windows extending to the floor allow passengers to view the passing landscape at ground level.

The green colors of the vehicle are meant to express harmony with nature. The headlights are designed to make sure that any approaching pedestrians and vehicles aren’t blinded by them. And the steering wheel controls change color depending on your mood! Your commute will never be the same- who wouldn’t want to travel in green comfy style?

+ The Toyota RiN