While the potential of electric cars is obvious, one of the main concerns is battery life, both in its ability to hold a charge, and its shelf life before needing a replacement. But the new =UltraBattery, developed by Australia’s CSIRO, is a high-performance hybrid storage cell that runs for 100,000 miles without recharge or replacement. It combines a supercapacitor with a lead acid battery in one unit cell, providing higher power discharge and longer life.

Just like any other battery for a hybrid vehicle, the Ultrabattery has the capacity to absorb wasted energy from braking. According to the CSIRO, it outperforms any other battery on the market for HEVs, is 70% cheaper to manufacture, and has 50% more power than conventional batteries. And it may not be just for vehicles- the battery is also being tested for use in wind and solar applications. Now if they could only figure out how to dispose of them safely.

+ Ultrabattery Project @ CSIRO