All-electric vehicles may seem like an impossible dream to most, with a price point that’s far out of reach. That may soon change, if car company ZAP gets its way. It has just announced a partnership with China Youngman Automotive Group to produce the Alias, a $30,000 electric vehicle that will be available in 2009.

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ZAP believes that thanks to how fast automotive technology is advancing, it can produce such vehicle by the specified time frame. Its a difficult task as they have yet to produce a full prototype of the Alias. It does have a full specification showing what it hopes the final product will be. The three-wheeled Alias will be powered by two in-wheel 320-horsepower motors, which will be capable of taking the car from 0 to 60 in about 6 seconds. It should take go for 150 miles on one charge. A hybrid range extender is also in the works.

Getting a full vehicle within two years seems difficult, however the car manufacturer is hopeful. It has just recently made an invitation to its suppliers with hopes of getting to the affordable price range that it is looking for. Having said that, if they can bring that car at that price, well, they could own the market.

+ZAP Says its $30K Electric Sports Car Is Coming in 2009