Photo by Roger Cullman

Next time that you are in Toronto and need a quick ride, you might be able to call upon one of the city’s new EcoCabs. Starting May 1st, Go Mobile Media will introduce 28 EcoCabs throughout the city to provide eco-friendly transit to weary travelers and in-city commuters. And, in addition to being an emissions-free form of transport, Toronto’s EcoCabs are provided free of charge!

Each individual EcoCab is a pedal-powered, battery-assisted vehicle for three (driver + 2 adults) that comes fully equipped to exceed road safety standards. The top speed of the vehicles is a leisurely 12 miles per hour making them a perfect solution for urban travel. EcoCabs are already in use successfully throughout cities in Europe, and in New York. Even though the concept is not original to Toronto, it’s still exciting to see this great idea finally make it to Canada (expect to see them in Vancouver and Montreal as well).

The EcoCabs won’t be around all year long, but tourists and city residents will be able to use them during the summer and special events. The vehicles are supported through advertising, so while you will be getting a free ride, with no hit to the environment, you will sadly be contributing slightly to the visual clutter of the city. Still, an emissions-free ride at no charge is definitely a good thing, and we hope that the idea spreads to even more places in Canada and the United States.

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