What will the future vehicle look like? That’s the question that Volkswagen asked to their top engineers and their answer is the Volkswagen 2028 concept vehicles. The results are as interesting as they are fun, and propose personal vehicles unlike any seen before. The Volkswagen cars we’ll be driving 20 years from now will be sustainable, tailored to fit personal needs and bring a whole new driving experience to the road.

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They begin with one simple idea: to make vehicles as friendly as possible, and as easy to drive. To that end, they have produced 3 concept vehicles, and have updated the little VW Up!. The vehicles shown range from the Room, a family vehicle; the Ego, a two seater; and the One, a single rider urban vehicle.

All of them are fitted with technologies which are staples of science fiction, but are not quite possible yet – at least not in the mass produced scale which is required for them to be economically feasible. Think fully electric vehicles powered by the sun; vehicles that drive themselves, fitted with an all encompassing internet; cars that can tell the mood that you are in, and which are able to speak to other cars in the road.

It is a bit too far fetched, and at the same time, extremely exciting look at what the future will look like. Now if we could now start focusing on how the cars are made.