Today we’re interrupting our regular programming with message of utmost importance. Every Tuesday we present you with a number of transportation options that will improve the environment. From hybrid vehicles to bicycles, how we move from place to place has a dramatic impact on our world (today’s entry would have been awesome, trust us). But today there is no single choice more important for Americans than going out to vote. So use your car, motorcycle, bike, skateboard, or even (gasp) your legs, and grab a friend, your neighbor, or even a total stranger, and take them to vote. Think that your selected presidential candidate has it in the bag and don’t need to do anything about it? Think again!

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In every district in the country there are a number of choices that residents must make. From controversial propositions in California, to local races for state congress, every choice that you make will have an impact on the future. Remember, it is not just at the federal level where policy is made. Every decision made by an elected official can impact where that new high speed rail is going to be located, or whether that investment will be used to build a new highway.

So if you are still reading this, then what are you waiting for? Grab someone that you know and take them to the voting booth (make sure to take a photo ID, just in case)! Need more info?

+ Find your Polling place

+ Rock the Vote

+ 866 our vote