Some car manufacturers, like Toyota and their uber-trendy Prius, are cranking out new models that represent the hybrid car of the future. Others, like Volkswagen, are working with what they’ve got, making their existing cars cleaner and greener. Volkswagen has just recently unveiled a TDI hybrid version of their cute and sporty Golf model that can achieve 83mpg. Will this be the one to de-throne the Prius?

While at the moment, this is a concept, the Golf TDI Hybrid is a 1.2 liter, 3 cylinder advanced diesel engine with an electric motor that produces no more than 89g/km of CO2. Like other hybrids, as soon as the vehicle drops below a certain speed, it switches to its electric motor, essentially turning into an almost emission free vehicle.

The zippy little car comes with a recovery system to recharge the battery using the cars braking system. The car’s design is slightly different from the standard Golf model, with a slightly different grill design and small air intakes to improve the aerodynamic qualities of the car.

So how does it compare to the Prius? According to VW, this vehicle is capable of achieving 82mpg while the Toyota Prius only reaches 55mpg. That’s a pretty impressive difference. But now rumors are flying around of a 100mpg plus Prius model. Needless to say, this is a competition that we are happy too see.

+ VW in Geneva