If you are in the market for a small low speed urban vehicle for everyday use, ZENN, a zero-emission, no-noise vehicle might just be your answer. Available in most parts of the United States, it’s a compact car that’s as green as it is useful. According to the EPA, the ZENN is capable of achieving a whopping 245 miles per gallon!

The ZENN is clasified as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, meaning it’s really just for local and city driving, and shouldn’t be taken to the highway at all. The top speed of the car is 25mph, definitely not speedy, but more than enough for driving around town. The car uses a 100% electric front wheel drive; plugs into an outlet to recharge; and will take you about 35 miles before it needs to juice up again. And of course, as the name implies, the ZENN is for all intents and purposes a very low emitting vehicle (it does need to recharge from an electrical outlet after all).

Alternate modes of transportation to the standard gasoline-powered vehicles are great solutions to the problem of controlling greenhouse gases. Small compact neighborhood vehicles, such as this one and MIT’s stackable cars, are an interesting proposition that might be worth exploring further. While the Zenn won’t be for everyone, there is certainly a market out there for those who do most of their driving urban centers.