The people behind the unreal-looking ACROS building in Japan have done it again, this time for a medical facility in Venice. Emilio Ambasz Associates touched the tips of two 12 meter pre-stained copper walls together to enclose a series of stepped green terraces, creating a massive green roofed amphitheater. Called the Eye Bank and located in Venice, this inventive building is kept cool by its angled walls and greenery, which reduce its mechanical load while also creating the type of dramatic visual impact the firm is known for.

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The folded trapezoidal design also helps to deflect the worst solar gain while still allowing natural light to permeate the amazing Eye Bank medical and research facility. At first glance, you can’t see the offices at the back because they are so well covered in all kinds of green goodness, nor are any cars visible since the parking garage has been buried underground to maintain continuity with the surrounding environment. Striking a balance between the built and natural environment is very important to Emilio Ambasz, and we think they do so extraordinarily well.

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