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Biomass is a valuable energy resource – and one that almost all of us are accruing in our homes on a daily basis without realizing it! Designed by Ahhaproject, here is one trash bag literally spelling out how much energy could be harvested from a bag of your rubbish. Crafted from a completely biodegradable PLA material, each bag visualizes the amount of energy potential contained, forcing you to reconsider what you’re disposing that could otherwise be used to create energy. So what will one bag bio-material buy you in this day and age? Well, a full Ahha bag is sufficient enough to drive a car 16 miles, do 66 pounds of laundry, boil 100 cups of tea, use your fridge for 200 hours, recharge your mobile phone 300 times, toast 500 slices of bread… need we say more?

+ Ahhaproject

via Dezeen