Plastic pollution is a major climate threat and now there’s a unique solution. The World Design Organization named Trashpresso, designed by Miniwiz, a World Design Impact Prize Winner for 2021. It is the world’s first mobile industrial-grade plastic trash upcycling platform. The Trashpresso unit is only the size of two industrial refrigerators and is designed to help with the collection, sorting and upcycling of plastic waste with a minimal air and water footprint.

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Two diagrams of a rectangular structure, one shows it open and the other shows it closed

“This year’s World Design Impact Prize submissions enabled us to shed light on the effectiveness of design, as an agent of change, to address a vast array of issues such as water sanitation, hygiene, homelessness, education and maternal health,” said World Design Organization President Srini Srinivasan. “We are proud to support the work of designers everywhere as they continue to innovate, create and collaborate in pursuit of a better world. Our sincere congratulations to the team behind Trashpresso for their contributions towards improving communities around the world.”

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A diagram of the TRASHPRESSO including showing the machinery inside

As the recipient of the World Design Impact Prize 2021, Trashpresso hopes to “continue promoting and evangelizing upcycling around the world,” said Jarvis Liu, Trashpresso’s co-founder and chief technology officer.

“This stamp of approval from the World Design Organization will not only enable us to build on our credibility, but also help to further our social, economic, environmental and community cause,” Liu said.

A diagram breakdown of how the machine turns plastic into something useful

Trashpresso units consume only seven kilowatt hour of electricity and can service a community of up to 10,000 people, processing 500 kilograms of plastic waste per day. It works by creating sustainable building materials out of recycled products.

A rendering of the device within the TRASHPRESSO

The Trashpresso unit can turn single-use plastic, metal and glass into building materials, fabrics, furniture and fixtures. It took 15 years of research to create, but now creator Miniwiz is focusing the results of this work on making a difference in the construction and building industries.

A photo collage of products made from the TRASHPRESSO including an egg figurine and plant pots

Better yet, this unique and mobile platform only takes three minutes to do its job transforming input into reusable building materials. Miniwiz is creating new programs for upcycling local waste in Tibet and participating in beach cleanup of ocean plastic in Sardinia, where the recovered plastics are turned into floor tiles.

A man showing little kids how a machine works

Materials from Trashpresso units are now being used in 300,000 square meters of commercial retail space, hotels and offices across international cities. Brands such as Nike, Philip Morris and Jackie Chan use Trashpresso materials for their work.

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Images via World Design Organization