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The Tratar Bike team consists of three members: founder and engineer Janez Tratar; architecture student and designer Matej Ramšak; and photographer and architect-to-be Nejc Puš. Together, they designed a light and durable wooden monocoque bicycle, which features a relatively lightweight frame made of ash and oak. Each wooden layer is laminated with a two-layer component coating system, attached with weather-resistant glue and metal bolts, and molded into shape with large pressing tools. According to the designers, the Tratar bicycles should be maintained in the same way as carbon fiber bicycles.

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Built for city commuting, the bicycles come in two versions: a simple single-speed that operates on one gear and weighs in at 24 pounds; and the kick shift version, which features two gears, an internal brake built into the rear hub, and weighs 26 pounds. The bicycles are all designed, made, and assembled by hand in Ljubljana. The Tratar Bikes team hopes to raise $25,000 to get larger-scale production of their bicycles off the ground. If you’d like to support their venture or get your hands on a handmade bicycle frame or bike, head over to the Tratar Bikes Kickstarter.

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