Two Norwegian artists are on a mission to bring sunlight to some of the darkest parts of the globe. Lisa Pacini and Christine Istad have created a huge LED sun sculpture that is 3 meters in diameter and oscillates between a wide range of warm hues. Since November 2012, the duo has been traveling to northern European cities that get little sunlight throughout the autumn and winter months with their artificial “Sun” in tow.

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So far the sculpture has traveled across Norway’s icy roads on the back of a truck, made an 8-day sea voyage, and spent a few months here and there mounted on different public buildings so the locals could get a little of the light they’d been missing during the harsh winter months.

At the moment, the Sun is in the UK as part of the 100% Norway exhibition in London. The exhibit showcases 10 designers influenced by the themes of Nature and Light, including many more unconventional lighting fixtures and lamps. The Sun’s next stop will be the small town of Rjukan, Norway. Check out the artists’ blog to track the sculpture’s progress as it travels across Europe.

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Via The Huffington Post