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The Hayes Residence is located in Berkeley Springs amidst the lush forest of the West Virginia hills. Instead of cutting the trees down, the architects decided to build around them and include nature into the design. The simple 200-square-foot home comprises a main area with a separate but connected guest house. The main section houses a bedroom, kitchen, dining and living areas, all of which boast stunning views of the forest.

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Its interior is dominated by actual trees encased in glass and serving as living works of art. A vaulted ceiling is made from wood and augments the natural feel of the place. The house is slightly elevated from the ground and features a platform that runs around its perimeter. Coupled with glass fa├žades and an open-space plan, the subtle design of the Hayes Residence acts as a fine photographic lens, rediscovering the beauty of the surrounding landscape, with its swaying trees and adjacent rivers.

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Lead photo by Ken Wyner