We’ve seen plenty of human-powered vehicles — from velomobile bikes to helicopters, and even hovercrafts — but the latest contraption to come down the pipeline is perhaps the strangest one yet: the treadmill bike. Designed by Bicycle Forest, the bike offers a a creative alternative to both traditional biking and running on a treadmill in the gym.

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So why would you ever ride the treadmill bike instead of a regular bicycle? Maybe you want the leg workout that a treadmill provides but don’t want to be stuck inside. Or maybe you just like attracting attention from passing cars. Whatever the reason, Bicycle Forest assures us that “The Treadmill Bike’s hard wearing belt offers a sure grip while protecting your feet from dirt and other contaminants commonly found on the earth’s surface.”

The treadmill bike doesn’t come cheap — it’s $2,486. But think of it this way: anyone who might try to steal a regular locked-up bike from the sidewalk wouldn’t even know what to do with this thing.

+ The Bicycle Forest

Via Treehugger