Though he’s most famous for being the guy who burns iconic pieces of modern design (the Eames chair, the Rietveld chair), transforming them literally into new pieces of postmodern furniture, up-and-coming Dutch designer Maarten Baas is no one-trick pony.

For the Milan Furniture fair this year, the iconoclastic designer created an haute-DIY aesthetic with his Treasure Furniture collection. The Treasure pieces are made of scraps of other furniture, either from factory waste or discarded home interiors. The table pictured here is made from a glass sheet atop powdercoated bits and pieces of factory furniture cast-offs.

Though not consistent with our usual minimalist leanings, we love the bookshelf (pictured below), which is essentially just a collection of accidental surfaces created by piling up assorted household debris and painting it a uniform color, and the “Treasure” chair made from cast-off factory scraps. Check out the burning man’s website to see more items made from found objects and a unique shadow project paying homage to Galileo.

+ Maarten Baas

Why are there so many innovative designers coming out of Holland? Can someone figure this out please?