Our pets constantly give to us, from a morning lick on the forehead to a bedtime purr. They bring out our best, most loving selves, and inspire us to get exercise in all types of weather. Even when they’re naughty — climbing the Christmas tree, zooming around the house when you’re trying to sleep, begging for a taste of your food — they’re so dang cute. They deserve to be number one on our gifting lists, so here are some eco-friendly gifts they’ll enjoy this holiday season.

dog with wool chew toy

Wool toy

Does your dog love a good game of tug-of-war? These 100% domestic wool LooHoo Wooly Tug Toys are soft enough not to hurt Spot’s teeth but easy to get a grip on. The 14- to 16-inch length gives you extra space between your hand and those powerful doggy teeth.

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zero-waste kit with dog poop bags, brush, and chew toy

Zero-waste pet kit

As those with canine companions know, walking Fido serves multiple purposes, not just exercise. In addition to quality time together, walks provide an opportunity for your dog to … um … let loose. With the Zero Waste Fur Baby Kit, you won’t have to worry about plastic bags sitting in the landfill for the next few centuries. The kit includes biodegradable dog waste bags, plus a dog brush, conditioning dog shampoo bar and a toy. Fido will look his best while also saving the planet.

tin can of organic catnip

Organic catnip

During the recent election results, was Tigger showing signs of great cat interest — such as opening her eyes, or even blinking — when state measures on recreational marijuana passed? She’s clearly trying to tell you something. Sprinkle this USDA-certified organic catnip on toys or scratching posts, and your kitty will soon be rolling around on the floor in all sorts of silly positions.

dog with soap on fur in wash bucket

Dog shampoo bar

Every dog owner believes (incorrectly) they have the world’s cutest dog (sorry, I do!). But we don’t always like to admit that sometimes our dogs can be a little smelly. This organic natural shampoo bar combines cedarwood and lavender with organic shea butter, castor oil, soap nuts and calendula. The castor oil and shea butter softly penetrate even the coarsest fur. Your dog will love the skin-soothing feel and anti-inflammatory benefits of calendula. Endorsed by cats that want the dog in the household to smell better.

cat in wicker basket bet

Cat basket

Many people who live with cats notice that their little friends can get crabby if they aren’t allowed to sleep about 16 hours a day. All this sleeping should take place somewhere that befits your elegant cat. This fair trade cat basket is made of recycled saris, recycled plastic and hogla grass, which grows abundantly in Bangladesh, where this basket is made. The pillow and pillow cover are washable. At 13 inches in diameter and 11 inches high, this basket best fits the petite feline.

wood dog tag

Wood pet tags

Rover can proudly wear this attractive pet tag, and if/when he roves, it will be easy for somebody to direct him home using the tag’s info. Choose from natural, chestnut or black wood in various sizes of bones or circles. These tags are handmade in Palo Alto, California and promise to be “water/drool and tear resistant.”

wood pet food bowl

Pet bowls

These bowls by Whom artistically blend wood and metal in a way that will enhance the corner of your kitchen floor far more than an ordinary, plastic food bowl. As the website promises, “Each is manufactured to order and handmade by our expert craftsman. No warehouse full of these!” It’s kind of like getting Mr. Whiskers a bespoke suit instead of buying him something off the rack. There are even double and triple bowls for pets that enjoy eating next to each other. A word of warning, though — once you buy a beautiful custom bowl, Mr. Whiskers might expect you to fill it with filet mignon, not kibble.

paw balm in tin can on bed of flowers

Paw rescue balm

Do your hands dry out on those cold winter days? Well, dog and cat paws can, too. Organic Winter Dog Paw Rescue Balm eases the pain of chapped noses and rough paw pads. It uses natural ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, olive oil, calendula, vetiver and rosemary. While this treatment will feel divine for many pets, always check with your vet before applying any new topical products to your fur friends.

dog with green collar and human with matching green bracelet

Magical malachite Friendship Collar

Paws down, this is one of the cutest gifts you can give this holiday season: matching vegan, cruelty-free, scratch-resistant bracelet and collar sets for human/canine duos. Buy a set for you and your dog, and extra sets to give as gifts to all your dog-loving friends. For every Friendship Collar set you buy, the maker will donate six pounds of food to shelter animals.

bag of V-dog plant-based dog treats

Eco-friendly treats

Is your best friend food-motivated? V-Dog makes cruelty-free treats that include pumpkin, carrots, broccoli and spinach in the ingredients list. Pet Naturals of Vermont has a whole line of treats that do double duty: tasting delicious while cutting down on Fluffy’s hairballs and easing hip and joint pain.

Images via Unsplash, LooHoo, Package Free Shop, Pixabay, Eco Girl Shop, WoodLeon, Whom Home, BestFriendBeauty, Friendship Collar and V-Dog