In a happy marriage of brand marketing and global restoration efforts, Tree Cards are a way for a business to encourage clients and customers to help developing communities become self-sustaining. Tree Cards are promotional postcards offered by the Seed Our Future, a program that collaborates with non-profit organizations worldwide. Gifted by earth conscious businesses, the Trees Cards direct recipients to a website where they log in to select which country they would like a new tree to be planted in.

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The programs that Seed Our Future align with to make the tree planting a reality have a larger focus than reducing deforestation; it’s about sustaining communities. The group plants trees that provide fruits and other nutritious food, trees that can be used as the source for building products, and also trees that produce fruit oils used as alternative energy.

“Our core philosophy is that green initiatives work best when they’re also good business practice,” says Seed Our Future CEO Robert Stillman. “Tree planting campaigns elevate the company brand image − enhancing how the business is perceived in the community, and equally important, how it’s perceived by its own employees.”

Companies can purchase and customize the Tree Cards for just $1.25 per card. After the recipient completes the tree planting destination on the internet, they can download a certificate that signifies the planting event, and find educational information and eco-friendly activities for reducing one’s own carbon footprint. Better yet, Seed Our Future is running a campaign through January to offer a 10 percent bonus on the number of Tree Cards purchase by a company.

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